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My name is Sofie W. Engell. I am the one behind the camera. I am doing the styling, photography and editing of all pictures. I live in Copenhagen with my husband and our two little boys James and Marco.

I got my first canon 8 years ago when i lived in Australia. I discovered a big passion for photography and started with portraits and photo art. On my 6 months travel in Asia I got to play around with amazing people and shapes in the villages. This passion never left me, but 6 yers ago when i opended Gracekbh, a place for the homeless in Copenhagen, I had to pause my passion due to a lot of work.  So when we got our firstborn son James, I started to do some photography again, to make sure our amazing moments would be remembered.

Since then I have been working with many different brands, created photos for websites, created catalogs for childrens brands and made lots of different marketing material. Feel free to check out my portfolio on this site or my instagram account @byengell

For photo inqueries pleace contact me on email:

I am looking much forward hearing from you.

Xx Sofie

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